Photograph by Alexandra Cecil .

Photograph by Alexandra Cecil.

Hello, I'm Dannie.  

I'm artsy & appreciate originality.   I'm married to a spicy & sweet, supportive husband, and I am a full-time-mom to a tribe of three rambunctious littles.  I enjoy making things from scratch and finding "treasures" on the side of the road.  I've had a love for photography since I was in my early teens as I saw the world in pictures, and I desperately wanted to document my life and people in it. 


I started with a roll of B&W film, a hand-me-down Minolta & a vision to document -----> the raw, natural beauty <----- around me. 

After I had my first son, I realized how quickly the moments pass by.  My baby turned into a toddler in what felt like days, and, as much as I convinced myself that I wouldn't forget the little things, as my baby grew bigger {and our family grew larger}, I realized the need to capture the-----> ever fleeting <----- moments.

My inspiration comes from observing the everyday- the way a shadow falls across a group of little strawberry stained faces; the love between a couple that is newly engaged; the love between a couple married for 50 years; a glowing mother waiting in anticipation to meet her little one; the raw emotions of a woman and her partner as they work to bring their baby into this world; a daddy holding his child for the very first time. 

Photograph by J ess Hunter .

Photograph by Jess Hunter.

My goal is to record the raw and natural beauty of your family’s story.  I want to capture your true personality, natural expressions, and beautiful imperfections through the spontaneous instances of life's everyday moments.  My hope is that your photos will hold those moments still for years to come.

I have a deep passion for telling stories through my photographs rather than words.  The saying "a pictures worth a thousand words” rings true to me.  I want to communicate this language through my photos.    

What story do you want told? 

Photograph by Kristin Hallak .&nbsp;

Photograph by Kristin Hallak.