I love to capture the beautiful imperfections of life’s everyday moments. To document the beauty in the simple things around me. My intention, to record your story. I want to capture your true personality, spontaneous instances, natural expressions...THIS ‘season’ that you’re in & hold those moments still.
— Dannie

|Engagement | Anniversary Sessions|

I want to get to know you & your beloved.  Do you have any favorite dates (your first date?), parks, coffee shops, or epic hikes?  I want to tell your story & document this special 'moment' in time.  I'll meet you at your place of choice, and I'll be ready to document all the little details about you and your loved one. These sessions often take a little longer.  Sometimes, there is a bit more travel involved.  We also have the option of doing some more formal shots together.  I'll tag along and capture your lovely story while providing some gentle direction that will enable me to capture you in a natural setting.


|Portrait Sessions|

We will meet at a selected location, where we will take time moving around to an assortment of scenery.  My goal will be to capture "the real" you rather than stuffy or posed images- natural smiles surrounded by some of your favorite things.  We will take our time, allowing you to relax.  Senior Sessions: These often take a little longer, more locations and allow for multiple outfit selections

|Lifestyle Family Sessions|

I want to get to know you and capture your family in the season in which you are living, documenting this-moment-in-time.  I'll meet you in your home, favorite park, museum, library, or hiking trail {what feels right to you}, & I’ll be ready to document all the little details about you & your loved ones.  We can do some more formal shots together, but if that’s not for you, that is quite alright.  I'll capture you reading stories, playing Legos, making pancakes, drawing pictures, walking your puppies, tending to your chickens- the ruckus of busy, moving, misbehaving kids- whatever your life looks like- right now.


|Maternity Sessions|

Let me capture the beauty of your growing bump and glowing anticipation of you {& your spouse}.  I'll meet you at your home or a favorite place where I can document some of your favorite activities & things your family enjoys doing while waiting for the arrival of your little one.  

2013-11-15 11.13.16.jpg

|Birth Photography|

I have such a particular passion for these sessions, having three children of my own; all with particularly unique births.  I approach 'birth sessions' with great sensitivity.  These sessions take place at the location of the birth whether that is at home, a birth center or hospital.  My approach is photojournalistic.  My goal is to capture the raw emotions of you, your spouse & birth team as you work to bring your baby into this world.   Then the intimate first moments after your little person arrives.  I will be there in whatever capacity you need me to, whether it's chatting to taking your mind off contractions or to quietly blend into the surroundings, while I capture this life-changing event.  

|Lifestyle Newborn Sessions|

These sessions usually take place in your home or place of birth {within 24 hours} so that I may truly capture you & your new little person, in that place, during those raw, first, fleeting moments of meeting & starting bonding with your little one.  

{Sessions are typically scheduled at the place of birth {first 24 hours} or within the first 10 days of life.}


|Wedding | Event Photography

Each event is as unique and special as you.  Prior the special event, we would be in contact to go over all the special details that you would like documented.  I will meet you at your event location where I'll be ready to capture all the special people & moments. 

{Please inquire with the date and details of your event.  Due to limited scheduling, I only can take a select amount of event bookings.}