Hey Mommas. // 2018 Honey+bee(s) Sessions. // Another kind of mini.

Well, hello there.

My oh my has this year gotten off to an amazing start. And, BONUS: The sunshine is making an appearance multiple days in a row!!! I cannot believe how swiftly Spring is approaching, buds on the trees and some early daffodils blooming. These bits of flowers and sun are making me ache for the warmer days ahead AND my 2nd annual Spring Honey+bee(s) Event. This year they will be held on Saturday, May 5th.

I LOVE Honeybee sessions. They are my favorite. They happen two times per year in the Autumn + Spring. The autumn sessions are more focused with the whole family in mind. This is the second year that I have offered Spring Honey+bee(s) sessions.

They are a little different.

They are mainly for mommas.

Please read my letter below sharing a bit of my heart. Calling out to all moms that are deep in the trenches of motherhood.


Dear Momma.

These sessions are for YOU. 

If you're like most moms that I know, you probably are the one taking the photos.

Are you with me?

If we're lucky we can pull up a few recent blurry photos of us with our kids. 

When someone randomly asks us to jump INTO the frame, we always have an excuse; Our hair hasn't been brushed in 4 days.  We're wearing leggings from the day before. No make-up. It's been a long day at work. On and on and on go our excuses.

Truth time. I'm with you. 

Here's the thing though: We need to be in the photos. 

It's so important to be present, in-the-frame.

One day we'll look back and our babies are going to be grown. This season is just that, a season.

It's fleeting.

Our now and always babies will cherish pictures of their momma.

Most of all, photos of them with their mom. Wrapped up in her arms. Sweet nursing moments. Walking hand in hand. Butterfly kisses. These moments.

Let's make this happen!!!

I am offering one date in May for you to have that opportunity.  We will take a little walk and document you and your children together. Mom's of older kids, these are for you too!! It's still just as important to be in the frame! 

This is open to expecting moms-to-be too!!!  

One date. Limited openings. More details below. 

It is always my goal for you to feel special from start to finish. I want to connect with you and put you at ease. Like last year, I will have an assistant to help with carrying your bags and purses and at the end, Kids will be given a yummy local honey stick as a special treat. *Moms* get a special treat too!! (Right at this moment something special is being crafted by Urban Oreganics especially for you!!!)

Be sure to read all the frequently asked questions below! Please contact me if you have a question that's not answered. Once these sessions fill, they're filled and won't be available until next year. 

[Past years Honey+bee(s) Sessions.]

[Here's a look at this past Autumn Honeybee Sessions.] 

Saturday, May 5th 2018

(Sunset is 8:27 PM.)

  1. 4:00PM - 4:25PM // RESERVED.

  2. 4:30PM - 4:55PM // RESERVED.

  3. 5:00PM - 5:25PM // RESERVED.

  4. 5:30PM - 5:55PM // RESERVED.

  5. 6:00PM - 6:25PM // RESERVED.

  6. 6:30PM - 6:55PM // RESERVED.

  7. 7:00PM - 7:25PM //  RESERVED.

  8. 7:30PM - 7:55 PM // RESERVED.

*Sessions will last 20-25 minutes. 


What should we wear? 

This is a great question!  I have put together a Pinterest board full of inspiration. Take a peek around HERE. My biggest piece of advice is to pick something that you feel amazing in...Like literally, if momma isn't comfortable then everyone is uncomfortable. Take some time and pick an outfit that you love and feel like you can MOVE in..then plan everyone else's outfits around you. Mellow, solid colors, textures and layers photograph wonderfully. Take note that these will be on a wooded trail, please plan shoe choices accordingly.  

Once you've booked your session, I am happy to give feedback on outfit choices!  I'm just an email away!

Is getting my Hair and Makeup done worth it?

YES!!! Did you hear me shout? ;) But, seriously, hiring a professional to come and take care of you is worth every penny! I am guilty of scheduling sessions and getting everyone else ready then throwing myself together at the last minute. I have been successful doing my own hair and makeup...but, it never turns out like having someone who -that's-their-job- does it. Consider planning it into the timeline of your day, then you'll feel extra great and maybe plan a little date for after!! If it's something you are interested in, I have a list of MUAHs to help you feel your best! 

Do you use "Props" or "Pinterest" shot lists?

The short answer is "no."

The long answer is, I don't feel comfortable copying other artist's work. I have a very organic, relaxed style. If you like my photographs, what you're seeing is a reflection of this...I don't want the end result to feel contrived. I really strive to connect with each family I have the honor of capturing...which means no "cookie cutter" posing...I do what feels right with each family. Due to the short amount of time, I give a little more direction that regular sessions, just to keep us moving in hopes of giving you as much variety as possible. I am sort of a director...sometimes it works like what I'm envisioning...often it turns out differently and I'm completely okay with that sinces it's 100% natural and true to you!!! 

If you have kids that are wiggily, bringing a beautiful quilt or heirloom blanket for them to "land on" be a really natural way to get everyone in one frame together!

Can I get a full family photo with my husband/partner/ fiancé in the frame? 

Short answer: Absolutely. 

Long answer: While these sessions are mainly focused on the connection between mothers and their children I am happy to deliver one "whole"  family photograph per request. Please understand that this can cut into the variety of photographs you'll receive. If you have questions or concerns please contact me!

How many images will I receive?

15+ Hand-edited, high-resolution and web-sized images with personal print release. Delivered by online gallery.


How will my images be processed?

I go through each session and pick out the absolute best images of you and your people. Once your session has been "culled" I go through each photo individually and hand edit it to communicate and document that fleeting moment in time. Honeybee sessions are usually only processed in color but for Honey+bee Sessions I do a mix of B&W + Color. 


How long will my session last?

Sessions will last 20-25 minutes from "hello" to "see ya later!" It is important to be about 5 minutes early so that everyone is ready when we meet. 


When will my images be ready?

April 15th sessions will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. Usually before!!   

All galleries delivered via online, password protected gallery.


Where will the session take place?

Sessions are held in a quiet woodland setting in West Seattle. Directions will be sent upon booking.  


What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

Overcast, even drizzly weather can make for good photographs...Umbrellas are fun!! I have some that we can incorporate into the session or you can bring your own! I understand that it’s not feasible for all situations.  If the weather is looking “questionable,” I will check in with you and we will determine if our session will take place or should be rescheduled.  Due to a very limited booking schedule, I do my absolute best to hold sessions on your reserved day and time.  If we have to cancel due to POURING rain, our session will take place on the following day. Sunday, same place and time.


What is the price?

Price: $350. A full payment is due at time of booking to reserve your time and Honey+bee(s) session date. All prices subject to tax. 


If You Have More Questions Or You Wish To Book, Make Your Reservation Here.

Inquire Early For Most Availability.