Hey Mommas. // 2018 Honey+bee(s) Sessions. // Another kind of mini.

Well, hello there.

My oh my has this year gotten off to an amazing start. And, BONUS: The sunshine is making an appearance multiple days in a row!!! I cannot believe how swiftly Spring is approaching, buds on the trees and some early daffodils blooming. These bits of flowers and sun are making me ache for the warmer days ahead AND my annual Spring Honey+bee(s) Event. This year they will be held on Saturday, May 5th.

I LOVE Honeybee sessions. They are my favorite. They happen two times per year in the Autumn + Spring. The autumn sessions are more focused with the whole family in mind. This is the send year that I have offered the Spring sessions.

They are a little different.

They are mainly for mommas.

Please read my letter below sharing a bit of my heart. Calling out to all mommas that are deep in the trenches of motherhood.

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For you Mommas. // Honey+bee(s) Sessions. // Another kind of mini.

Dear Mom.

These. Are. For. YOU. 

If you're like most moms I know, you probably are the one taking the photos. We always have an excuse, our hair hasn't been brushed in 4 days.  We're wearing leggings from the day before with yesterday's breakfast smeared on the rear. Our socks don't match. No make-up. It's been a long day at work. On and on and on.

I'm with you. 

Here's the thing though: We need to be in the photos. 

It's so important to be present, in-the-frame.

One day we'll look back and our babies are going to be grown. This season is temporary. Our now and always babies will cherish pictures of their momma.

Most of all, photos of them with their mom. Wrapped up in her arms. Sweet nursing moments. Walking hand in hand. Butterfly kisses. These moments. Let's make this happen!!!

I am offering one date in April for you to have that opportunity.  We will take a little walk and document you and your babes together. Mom's of older kids, these are for you too!! It's still just as important to be in the frame! 

This is open to expecting moms-to-be too!!!  

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